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24 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes

by Fluffy
24 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes

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It’s almost Christmas again and I wanted to make a post about some easy Christmas cookie recipes. It’s a fine tradition we have every year to make some Christmas cookies and I like to include my grandchildren in the process because they have a lot of fun.

These are some of the most decorative cookie ideas I’ve ever seen and the ease at which you can make these cookies are truly something considering their intricacy. Hopefully you can make some of these for your holiday parties or to leave for Santa.


24 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes

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Easy Christmas Bark

easy christmas bark

This Easy Christmas Bark recipe is packed with salty pretzels and sweet chocolate candy. It’s incredibly simple to put together and makes a great holiday treat or gift to give to any family member, neighbor or friend.

From: Graceful Little Honey Bee

Christmas Crinkle Cool Whip Cookies

christmas crinkle cool whip cookies

Christmas Crinkle Cool Whip Cookies are a blast to make with the kids! Everyone loves these easy Christmas cookies, just be ready to get a little messy!

From: Bread Booze Bacon

Hot Cocoa Cookies

hot cocoa cookies

I’m sharing one of my all time favorite cookies with you today, my hot chocolate cookies. When I first made these hot cocoa cookies, adding hot cocoa mix to a cookie seemed like it would taste good. But I didn’t quite expect for them to be SO delicious.

From: Love From the Oven

Peppermint Melting Moments

peppermint melting moments

These Peppermint Melting Moments are a perfect addition to your Christmas Cookie Baking List.  Fast and easy with a delicate taste of peppermint.  Add a creamy frosting, delicious!

From: An Italian in My Kitchen

Peppermint Oreo Balls

peppermint oreo balls

Peppermint Oreo Balls are an indulgent mixture of crushed Oreo cookies and cream cheese, dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in peppermint candy pieces.

If you love peppermint and cheesecakes, you’ll definitely like this version of the recipe. They’re sweet, creamy, and have a really nice crunchy texture from the outside layer of candy, plus they’re no-bake so they’re incredibly easy to throw together.

From: Dinner Then Dessert

Gingerbread Cookie Bites

gingerbread cookie bites

The simplest gingerbread cookie recipe ever! Chewy, bite-sized gingerbread cookies that take a fraction of the time to make! They’re perfect for holiday parties and get-togethers!

From: Butter With A Side of Bread

Christmas Tree Oreo Cookies

christmas tree oreo cookies

Christmas Tree Oreos are a simple Christmas cookie that looks beautiful on your cookie dessert tray! Using a mint Oreo cookie or your favorite Oreo cookie flavor you can make these simple, yet beautiful Christmas Oreos.

From: Midget Momma

Easy Christmas Shortbread Cookies

easy christmas shortbread cookies

So who’s already been baking Christmas cookies? Eating Christmas cookies is one of my very favorite holiday pastimes, and baking them is a close second. 😉 These Easy Christmas Shortbread Cookies are a family favorite that’s always on my December baking list, so I’m excited to be sharing them with you today!

From: Five Heart Home

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Cookies

brown sugar and cinnamon cookies

These cookies are perfect for any cinnamon lover! Make for your next Christmas cookie exchange, fall party, or game day party! Great for lunches and after school snacks too!

From: Hot Eats and Cool Reads

Whipped Shortbread Cookies

whipped shortbread cookies

Whipped shortbread cookies are light as air with a delicious buttery flavor. They melt in your mouth because they’re so soft, and only require a few simple ingredients. Learn all the tricks for making this classic holiday cookie recipe.

From: Just So Tasty

Ritz Rolo Cookies

ritz rolo cookies

This is one of my favorite desserts to make around the holidays…ritz rolo cookies!! They are the easiest thing to make and everyone can’t stop eating them at Christmas time.

From: Crafty Morning

Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies

chocolate chip snowball cookies

Are they called Snowball Cookies or Russian Tea Cakes? Whatever they’re called, they’re one of my favorite Christmas cookies. Did you know you can add chocolate chips to snowball cookies?

Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies have no nuts so they’re allergy friendly – and hello, CHOCOLATE. These are one of my MOST POPULAR cookie recipes!

From: Crazy For Crust

Raspberry Pinwheel Cookies

raspberry pinwheel cookies

Delicious jam filled cookies are a Christmas tradition, and these Raspberry Pinwheel Cookies are a fun way to enjoy jam.

From: Upstate Ramblings

The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

the best sugar cookie recipe

We have found The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe ever and we couldn’t wait to share it so that everyone can have super yummy homemade sugar cookies.

From: Two Sisters Crafting

White Chocolate Peanut Holiday Haystack Cookies

white chocolate peanut holiday haystack cookies

These white chocolate peanut holiday Haystack Cookies are so beautiful, easy, delicious and they freeze well. They can be prepared in less than ten minutes!

From: Small Town Woman

The Best Easy Chocolate Crinkles

the best easy chocolate crinkles

Chocolate Crinkles are one of my favorite christmas cookies (I mean, right next to Soft Molasses Cookies, Gingerbread Cookies, Peppermint Brownie Cookies… I’m a cookie monster 😁). An extra-soft, chewy, fudgy cookie that’s dipped in powdered sugar before baking. The best thing about them? They are so easy to make pretty. All you have to do is make sure the powdered sugar coating is thick enough before baking, and they’ll crinkle and become all beautiful during baking.

From: Savory Nothings

Cake Mix Cookies

cake mix cookies

These cake mix cookies are a 5 ingredient dessert that can be made in tons of different flavors and decorated for any occasion. An easy treat that takes just minutes to put together.

From: Dinner At The Zoo

Christmas Lights Cookies

christmas lights cookies

Brace yourselves. I am NOT a cute cookie decorator. However, I pushed through and made these Christmas Lights Cookies to impress my kid.

I saw a fuzzy photo of some cupcakes on Pinterest where they turned mini M&Ms sideways to look like Christmas lights on a string. I thought that was so cute and clever, but also: so easy, yet impressive. Big emphasis on the EASY.

From: Dessert For Two

Soft and Chewy Ginger Snaps

soft and chewy ginger snaps

These Ginger Snap Cookies are soft and chewy with a crisp edge. An easy Christmas cookie recipe that are perfect for any holiday cookie spread!

From: Persnickety Plates

Kris Kringle Crinkles

kris kringle crinkles

Kris Kringle Crinkles are light and fluffy on the inside and sweet and crunchy on the outside. A yummy homemade Crinkle cookie recipe that is not made from cake mix.

From: Two Sisters Crafting

Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

christmas tree sugar cookies

These Christmas Tree Cookies are perfect for the holidays! They are so fun to make for a night of decorating cookies with your kids. They are perfect for putting on a plate or two and sharing some with your friends and neighbors. Or they are perfect for a holiday party!

From: Like Mother Like Daughter

Christmas Sugar Cookie Bites

christmas sugar cookie bites

Our Christmas Sugar Cookie Bites are a bite-sized version of the classic Christmas sugar cookies with buttercream frosting. So yummy and so easy to make!

From: Two Sisters Crafting

Christmas Oreo Cookie Ornaments

christmas oreo cookie ornaments

These cute Oreo Cookie Christmas Ornaments are a quick and easy holiday treat! They’re so simple, even the kids can help make them. Serve them at a holiday party, or package a few and give them as edible gifts to friends, neighbors, or teachers.

From: Sugar Hero

4 Ingredient Peppermint Cookies

4 ingredient peppermint cookies

Whether you need the star of the Christmas party, are heading to a Cookie Exchange, or just craving the most delicious cookie EVER… you’re going to LOVE these Peppermint Crunch Dark Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies!!

From: The Frugal Girls

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24 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes

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